Connecting The Dots

For a while now I have been wondering how I can bridge three separate spheres of my life together. I keep thinking that I need to have it all worked out before I can start out on a new journey, but really, it is in this unknown confusion that I know it will all come together.

I find myself in a very unique and fortunate situation, I have time. I have time to think, to dwell, to create. My time is used daily for whatever it is I wish to do, how many of us can say the same? Despite this I spend a great proportion of my day wondering why it is I am not doing more with my time, why it is I am not fulfilled. When I look to the past where I have owned my own business or managed others’ it always seemed that there were not enough hours in the day. At university I have written essays, read endless papers and books, never feeling I knew enough. I once had acquaintances in every corner of the globe and invites to every party but yet again, it wasn’t enough.

I sat down and asked myself what it is that I want to achieve in life but nothing came to mind, the only thing I experienced was a feeling, a feminine feeling.

I come to you new. Everything I once knew is gone. I once had hopes and dreams of turning a negative into a positive until I learnt that some things cannot be changed.

Right now all I know is Myself. I know where I have been, what I have learnt and I think that this is enough to begin with. My feminine feeling told me that my love of beauty & make-up, my writing and my desire to help others achieve a positive and happy life was enough and for that I am happy.



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