Just For Girls

Is Fem Feelings ‘just for girls’ asks Mr K.

Ooooh tough one …. let me think about it … I muse for like five minutes then decided no way, it is for everyone and anyone, men included, actually … hmmm…  maybe it is.

I need a space to talk about girly stuff in a matter of fact way so others can join in, help and advise me on things such as why I find it hard to adhere a strip lash, why hair is growing there? Why do I feel excluded after reading HuffPost or why I have uncontrollable tendencies to burst into tears? Why I feel like crap one minute and fabulous the next – was there a trigger or not, am I being mindful or not? Is this yoga position correct? is it just my medication that does not seem to be working? What happened to my period?? What does non-cancerous cancer mean? What happens if your friends all have fully functioning lives and you don’t?? But really why does no one want to talk about any of the above?!?!

Fem Feelings is not just for girls it is for anyone with questions, answers or those with Love & Support


2 thoughts on “Just For Girls

  1. I’d love to talk to you about any or all of the above. 🙂
    About those strip lashes – it’s considered important that you apply mascara to your own lashes before you apply the faux ones – experiment with how much mascara you need to get a good adhesion. I’ll be trying this myself tonight so that I can … nooooooooo!!!
    *goes off to make a nice cup of tea*

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