Climbing Your Life Mountain

Miley Cyrus’ The Climb lyrics came to mind when I was thinking about life paths and life purposes. Miley’s journey, her ‘climb’ is what matters most on the path to achieving her dreams. Obstacles as big as mountains may appear, her road may cause her to fall, but she will hold on, she will take her time as she is living her own personal journey.

To realise your own life purpose or to embrace the path you are on requires a focus and determination found outside of the majority thinking. Our daily thoughts are filled up with other people, gossip and ideals that we did not always set for our own selves. Rarely do we sit and contemplate our lives and assess whether we are in control.

For me it started with a feeling of unease, I felt my life was not all it seemed. I began to watch the people around me and what conversations I was involved in. I started to see that my friends and family seemed helpless to change things they did not like in their own lives. I seemed to spend my free time sat around listening to family gossip and complaining about never having time or finances to enable me to do the things I wanted. I decided to distance myself and have some ‘me’ time. I began by writing lists of things I enjoyed and new things I wanted to experience. I decided that I would divide the list into things I could easily achieve and things that required more planning; short, medium and long term goals if you like. The things on my list were things I had always told myself that I would get around to doing like learning a recipe, going to the ballet at christmas or actually finishing a book I was reading. When the list was completed I felt an enormous sense of achievement. The list had not been long nor required much effort but I reflected that during this time I had felt excited and focused and knew I was eager for a bigger challenge.

I did not know anything about life paths or purposes, I did what everyone else seemed to do, repeating the same cycle month after month. It was easy to feel that there was more out there for me because there is more out there for everyone!

I read countless books, memoirs and life stories and they all seemed to point me in the same direction about life purposes and that is one about belief. Depending on what you believe your purpose in life is either predetermined before birth by GOD or Higher Power or that you create your own destiny and chances. Whatever or whoever you believe in the same fact remains; you must first believe in yourself.

I have veered off my life path several times, each time knowing that I was making a mistake. Sometimes it has been glaringly obvious that I am not happy and not doing what I should be and other times it seemed to creep up on me sucker punching me out of nowhere. As Miley sings it is the climb that matters most, getting up and dusting yourself off, accepting you took the wrong fork in the path, knowing that remaining in the past is holding you back.

I believe that I will make it so everything else is my journey and I enjoy the path for both the ups and downs.


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