What I bought at the market.

Today was market day and to make up for the pizza incident I decided to go fresh and fill up on veggies. My plan was to buy enough to make a few interesting dishes and i surprised myself with the options I have. My hormones are kicking in so I am in a funny mood. My behaviour gets weirder as the new moon approaches and there is a marked change in my eating habits and right now meat is off the menu. At the market I bought an array of colourful vegetables, for less than £10 I bought:

1lb shallots, 1lb baby potatoes, 1lb red peppers, 2lb yellow peppers, 2lb cherry tomatoes, 2lb of leeks, 2lb of courgettes and 2lb aubergines and a large sweet potato – oh and asparagus tips for Mr K.

This is not a fancy food blog so there are zero photo’s but after my ‘market haul’ I made roasted veg with rosemary and a ratatouille. For dinner I added chorizo to olive oil and chilli flakes which I heated low before adding a couple of spoonfuls of ratatouille (removing the chorizo) and heaping onto spaghetti and topping with parmesan.

There literally is veg all over my kitchen so Im hoping to make a few soups and box them up x


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