In The Air Tonight

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.

I understand the pain Phil Collins felt when he wrote those lyrics as once again, same time every month, here it is back again to disrupt my life; the two weeks before the big nothing that happens each month. I cannot tell you what exactly is in the air but I know for sure that something is coming.

Before bed last night I was insatiable. I wanted something sweet, sickly sweet, but nothing I ate would suffice. At bedtime I wanted to go to bed alone and not say anything to anyone. In the middle of the night I kicked the sheets onto the floor.

A pain in my bladder and lower back woke me. This is the beginning of the end, it always starts the same way. I go from perfectly normal one day to doubled over, crying in bed in pain the next. I have no warning, no specific date, just a feeling; something in the air.

For the next few weeks each time my bladder fills I will experience pain until the pain in my uterus is greater and my stomach also cramps severely causing me to pass out and occasionally vomit.

Yesterday I stayed in bed for most of the day, I didn’t know why I felt weird but now I do, it was the Phil Collins drumroll alerting me that my period is on its way, well, the pain of periods but not the bleed – lucky me.


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