Medication Mystery Leads to Bad Mood

It has been a week on the new meds and my sleep pattern is once again broken and I feel so low. The first few nights were incredible and I fell asleep early and did not wake until morning, then for two nights I experienced restless leg before drifting off, two nights I awoke at three am but was able to return to sleep and then last night I tossed and turned in a half lucid state.

I had not been expecting to notice anything initially and possibly I was over excited at having slept through the first night so as the week progressed and I realised I was having less and less success my mood plummeted. I feel tired and exhausted. This feeling hangs over me until mid-afternoon, even right now I feel as if I did not slept at all! What does this mean? how do I gauge this? is it the new meds? is it part meds part time-of-month? then add that weirdly I am not in any noticeable pain – and what I mean by that is pain registering less than four or five on the chart – annoying or nagging pain. This is strange for me as I usually am a six right about now (distressing pain). My GP had told me that Amitriptyline also would help relieve PMS pain and I wonder if I am experience some kind of placebo effect? am I imagining this?

I had a look through my notebook that I chart my pain/mood daily and notice that this year has been very unpredictable. In January I had two spells of pain and was bed bound most of the month, February was short but awful with diarrhoea and passing out with pain. This month I have not experienced much pelvic pain at all, never more than a dull ache for a few days. I have felt twinges where my pain would usually be but that is all. Usually I get a stabbing pain in my bladder as it fills and now I no longer experience this. The only noticeable pain was in the second week when I had severely painful breasts and nipples for five days. I am actually feeling weird to have gone four weeks without any major pelvic pains.

As I flip through the pages I note that I slept badly most of the year and stayed in bed with chronic pains. This month tells a very different story, I have had very little pain and had a week of decent sleep. It does not make sense at all.

I am too tired to try and work it out so it remains a mystery


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