Take Me To Church

Myself and Mr K. are off to mass tomorrow for the first time in our new church. I am really excited to have him by my side as I lost my faith and stopped attending four years ago. It has been a slow journey back to the love and faith I had before, bringing a new deeper understanding and awareness of Gods Love.

I believe that I am now closer than I ever have been, I pray every day and try to be Thankful for what I do have instead of focusing on one part of my life that is lacking. I really believe that God sent Mr. K. to me and my true Life Purpose is yet to be revealed.

By having a wonderful loving and understanding partner in Mr. K. I was able to start to rebuild my life and move on from the limbo in which I was stuck. One very important part of my life that also needed nurturing was my sex life and the negative connections to my infertility had been damaging. Mr. K. carefully and respectfully brought love, support and passion back to me.

Faith is very important to me especially having lost and found it. I cannot wait to be welcomed officially into the new Diocese and enjoy one of the most important weeks in my religions calendar.


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