Dragon Slaying

Happy St Georges day from a dull breezy England! We do not have big celebrations here, no day off work, no family feasts – aww poor us 😦 but what we do have is a legend, with dragons!

St George’s slaying of his dragon is only symbolic, it represents his devotion and faith against satan, just as there were no snakes in Ireland for St Patrick (his ‘chase’ was to convert the snake worshippers to Christianity) but both stories are one and the same, we are capable of overcoming any adversity we face if we believe we can.

There must have been times when St George was exhausted from riding around battling those who wanted to kill Christians and then spreading his message to all he encountered, there must have been days when he did not think he could go on, but he did. He found the strength to overcome his biggest challenge and his story lives on through the ages.

As I celebrate St George today I also send love and peace to those who battle with their own dragon be it an invisible illness, chronic pain or a darkness that overshadows their true light. May we slay our dragons and may our triumphant stories be our legacy.


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