Sharing is Caring

I must share with you my favourite meditation music by Yellow Brick Cinema on YouTube and also on other social media sites.

There is music to meditate to, to study to, to work (reiki/spa), to relax and also to sleep to. As you know I have tried countless ways to fall asleep and the best I can get right now is lucid dreaming and if lucky a few Zzzz’s of REM sleep so let me tell you that last night I decided to give their most popular video, an eight hour deep sleep music made of Delta waves a try. Amazing is all can say. I did not sleep through ha bloody ha! but I reached such a peaceful state and my lucid dreams (more to come on this) were pleasant and I managed to stay calm.

After the eight hours (around 5am) I did not play anymore music and tried fitfully to sleep for three hours before deciding to play another few hours of YellowBrickCinema, a two hour meditation piece, after which I instantly felt more refreshed.

When you have insomnia and depression and chronic pain you are thankful for the small things and YellowBrickCinema I Thank You for allowing me to relax; my mind and body all feel sooo relaxed.

Sharing really is caring so today I share YellowBrickCinema with you. I am not sure how these guys are making money as they are not yet available on iTunes but as soon as they are I will thank them buy downloading EVERYTHING and hope you will too.

Love & Light


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