Things That Go Bump …

As I got into bed alone one night an eerie darkness swathed the room causing my eyes to dart about. At first I was not afraid kicking my legs around to warm the bottom of the bed, tucking the covers around me.

Tap Tap Tap

The wind whooshed past the window and the tress hit off the steel roof of the shed outside. Black velvety clouds ripple across the sky. A shadow is thrown against my wall. The curtains billows out toward my face as if wanting to touch me. I remain calm, the window is open slightly, it is just the wind, no need to be afraid. I close my eyes and think of a puppy. I would love a soft warm puppy. I think of how soft the puppy will be, how beautiful and how good a dog will be for me.

Something touches my hand.

My eyes jerk open the curtain is across my face. I push it away and then I see; a woman with heavily kohl eyes sitting at the end of my bed. I jump out and she is gone yet her image lingers before my eyes – was she real? am I hallucinating? I begin to pace. I am not afraid yet I am disturbed. I have spent many an insomniac night pondering on the existence of ghosts and come to no conclusion.

I flick on the lights. I turn off the lights. I do not see her in the darkness as I expected I would but I can feel something in the air before me.

I place my bible next to me in bed. I touch the bible periodically reassuring myself that I am fine and I just need a good nights sleep. I fall asleep listening to the wind.

There is pressure around my ankle, a tugging sensation, I stir and murmur, encircled around my wrist are boney fingers and I am grabbed and pulled forward. I open my eyes and there I am, sitting upright in bed face to face with the dark eyed woman who is pulling at me.

I scream, my eyes trying to focus as a flurry of organza moves past my face; she is gone and I am left staring at the billowing curtain illuminated by the moon.

A side effect hallucination or vivid imagination?


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