Drunkity Drunk Drunk!

I am suspiciously happy right now and I think it is because I am still drunk! After a fabulous first week I called up the California Bestie and inquired as to if she was free for a spot of window shopping and a few well deserved beverages, to which she excitedly agreed. Off we went perusing the great British high street stores water bottles in hand. Several bags filled with goodies later our stomachs rumbled so we headed over to the place where it is always Friday Night and ordered a sharing platter with extra sticky Jack Daniels prawns and cheesy garlic bread. To wash this down we ordered Royaltini’s,  a blend of Absolut Raspberry, apple juice, crushed blueberries and topped with champagne – delish!

The beautiful concoction arrived and was so moreish that a second round quickly followed. The California Bestie felt that they were not as strong as they could be so we suggested that the mixologist add a shot of Absolut Currents and Mmmmm how good was the result? Well two of those later and we were a giggling mess high five-ing the staff, wanting more, but realising that our bank accounts were fast depleting so back to my Parents we headed to empty their bar of gin mixed with a tropical fizzy drink I found in the fridge.

Oh the fun we had, oops to the cigarette we stole from someone and shared still giggling in the garden.

Love being drunk with the California Bestie, actually love being anything with the California Bestie – well she is my Best friend for a reason 🙂


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