What I believe…

What I believe has evolved slowly over the last decade into something quite spectacularly mind blowing. I do not try to convert nor preach to others as the small miracles in my life are testament to a healthy mind. Having battled with depression and now come to a beautiful understanding of myself I find strength in what I believe during the darker times.

Lately I have pushed the boundaries of meditation and found myself in a realm that may cause concern for my therapist! I am entering an awareness that nobody that I know or acquaint with have much knowledge of and like religion it is for those who believe.

We are told to open our minds, that we are all connected by a great force, that magical things can happen …. but do we really believe this to be true?

On the White Island last summer profound and beautiful things happened to me, it was the right place and the right time. My mind expanded in all its wonderment and I became so much better for it, but I kept such things to myself as only those alike in mind could ever really understand. It made me think of those social outcasts, the ones you hear about, high on weed, meth or just on their own brand of delusion, the ones who believe in conspiracy theories, that the world is not all that it seems…. Was I now one of those people?

The world is not all it seems.

I always question what I am being told, who is telling me and why they are telling me.

Through switching off and focusing on myself so many wonderful things have happened. I see things in my dreams that make me happy. I create my own happiness. I am powerful and loving. I do no harm. Love is Everything. Nothing is Impossible.

I used to think that I was crazy. I used to think that I was worthless yet at the same time knew I had endless uses and possibilities…. What if there was more to life, what if there was a life that was effortless and easy – wouldn’t you like to know how to achieve it?


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