Today was appraisal day at work. Each of my weeks have been different but at the end of week two and mid week three I’d had enough when two girls (young women) argued and shouted at me at reception. The first time I held my ground as I had made the correct decision and knew I was right. The second was completely uncalled for and unjust and I nearly burst into tears right there in front of everyone.
I am cool and calm under pressure, if the computer crashes I apologize and wait. If the stylist is running late I thank the client for their patience. My job is to ensure the smooth running of the business and that clients are looked after but who looks after me?
At the appraisal it turns out that some of the staff had been commenting and bitching about me yet none of comments could not be backed up or proven.
I work hard. I send out love & light
I am calm and positive yet there are those who always want to knock you down.
I find it funny. It is the ha! in karma. I know they think I am weak because I do not react. I hold strong. Head office employed me, they believed in me. I believe in me.
This time last year i wouldn’t have believed I would be alive let alone working in management again. This is all down to my positive actions and karmic refund – I put in and I get back.
To my colleagues who’d rather make my day difficult or be mean to me because I’m new I say ha ha ha be careful what you do as youll have to deal with your own karma soon enough!


2 thoughts on “Kar-ha-ha-ha-ma!

  1. I feel I am constantly being ‘mindful’ of my actions yet others have absolutely zero filter and say and do as they please. I know the manager is aware of what is going on but my calmness and professionalism is not a weakness – I am in this position because I worked hard and NEVER stepped on anyone to get ahead. Deep breaths I guess xx

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