Meditation Transformation

I have been actively meditating and I really want to keep a log of all the wonderful things that are happening to me. I want to share my journey and hopefully show that inner peace is achievable.

So far I have experienced a resurfacing of old issues, the universe opening up opportunity after opportunity for me but most importantly I am able to see and recognise these opportunities clearly and not dismiss them as coincidence.

I also slept all through the night a few times and when I was not sleeping I have had the most amazing lucid dreams

I want to go into more detail as I have COMPLETELY abandoned the TV and spend ALL my free time in quiet contemplation! I am also reading Seth Speaks and BOOM! My Mind is totally blown although I have always believed most of what is written and always will. Work has presented so many challenges recently and I feel as if I am on an emotional roller coaster but I remain smiling knowing that going with the flow is really the best and only option for me.

I hope all of you are well and surrounded by Love & Light. I cannot wait to catch up on my reading and see how you have been getting on.  Feel free to message me and let me know if you have started to meditate also, until next time XX


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