Letting Go

I feel I faced a major challenge this morning as I was presented with a problem, one that definitely affects my future yet the problem was already in the past so there is nothing to do but move on. Confused? Yep me too.
I’ve moved recently and I am between places. My junk is everywhere and as I sift through it I know it is simply material and emotional baggage.
I donated my furniture to Saint Francis Hospice and clothes, shoes and bags to Scope and I have some other more delicate items for Mind. I am happy to donate my unwanted goods.
From my past I keep a handful of books and shoes I cannot part with and my three designer handbags – I couldn’t let these go …… turns out I could.
In the brouhaha my bag with my passport and doctors letters vanishes.
I do not know how to deal with this. Why is this happening and why now?
I moved ten days ago so ten days ago I made a decision about the bags as to where they ended up so whether they were kept, accidentally donated or worse thrown away was my decision.
This morning I cried, I asked why me and then I put my palms together and went inside where it is calm.
I let it go.
My decisions from the past will not upset me today in my present nor will I carry it forward into my future. In my future I will get a new passport and travel to far away lands and be happy that I know I can learn from my mistakes
Love & Light


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