Sugar is my Enemy :(

Work is fantastic and I am coming to the end of my Management training so now I am counting down until my own branch opens. These are exciting times yet I feel an overwhelming feeling of dread as I know I should lose weight in order to look good for the opening ceremony photos.

Meditation has helped minimise my ego and quell the horrendous voice inside yet I still am aware that my physical body is not ideal. I know that I can be doing more to improve myself but I am yet to do anything about it. I do not really wish to go out and run nor do I ensure that I have a healthy well balanced meals at work.

I am bloated and tired – I eat too much sugar.

Trying to eliminate sugar from my life stresses me out to the point I want to dive headfirst into a bag of sweets or induce a sugar coma from copious chocolate bars!! What am I to do?

Sugar depresses me. Sugar makes me tired and irritable. Sugar is delicious…

I crave sugar constantly through the day with no idea why I cannot control this…. is this a female thing, a fat person thing or a weak mind thing??

Ever since the full moon I have been like this!

I am not happy please help!!


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