I Discover my Super Power

I have continued with my meditation program for nearly three months. I cannot believe how focused I have been or dedicated to improving myself I have become. The road I am on is a never ending path to self enlightenment, the road is difficult to navigate and proves challenging at every step yet I welcome this new and exciting adventure as with each milestone I discover something new about myself and today I discovered my super power.
I had been hoping to become more psychic or develop telepathy (I lucid dream so I’ve been flying for years) but it transpires that I am gifted with the power of intrigue!
I grew up lonely. For so many years I thought I was odd, weird, strange – even possibly not from this planet! As an adult I know what to share and what to keep to myself to prevent being labelled a ‘weirdo’ or starting controversial conversations with my far-out views on life’s simplicity. As an adult I know how cruel people are and how quick to judge we all are, (myself included) so many of my interests and quirks have been suppressed.
Always looking for someone to talk to or connect with i ended up in isolation retreating into myself  giving up. Where were the like minded people? Was I alone?
I had always wanted to be better than I was to the extreme that I wished to be someone else. I was never good enough, never normal or like everyone else. The voice inside began to speak out, the voice inside was wicked. I learnt to hate myself and fell into the dark hole of self sabotage and it would be years until I learnt to climb my way out.
Everywhere I went I was liked and welcomed. I have a warm and loving personality but I was surrounded by darkness. Down in the depths I had time to think, to reflect – was I that bad? I became confused. The self sabotage hole was my prison and I had to get out.
When I started to meditate to quiet my mind I did not know that in order to be quiet I had to silence the noise inside. As i focused on my breathing the voices went away. Cleverly all was quiet and peaceful for a few days then Boom! it returned nastier and more villainous before.
As part of my daily meditations I was to go back through my memories and sort through traumatic ordeals in order to peel away the layers of my false self – the self that hated itself. I began to face up to my fears and found that my biggest fear was that I have been right about who I am my whole life and it was not any of these detrimental evil putdowns; it was simply that I am uniquely different yet exactly the same as everyone else.
I like many others are trapped by fear and are afraid to let the light of our individuality shine through for fear of rejection and shame. We are not being the person we are meant to be and put on false persona’s to blend in even if it is harmful to who we really are.
By going inside I learnt to listen to my true voice. I learnt to trust and be comforted by that what I know is true – you are like me and I am like you.
We are unique. We have a gift, a superpower; you have a story to tell, one of ups, downs and most importantly unity. We are one because we are all part of the one true creator. My story is your story and if I can help you in any way I will. I am here if you need me
It is my superpower to listen and learn but most importantly to tell. It is intrigue that led you to me and love and light that keeps you here.
Namaste x


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