low mood, low blood pressure

It was too late. The minute I said it I already knew it had happened and began to think up a plan to stop it from getting out of control. This is me now, stressed out and fighting the black clouds hovering dangerously above me. I feel anxious. Despite what was said things at work had not really changed and head office still have me over a barrel as now I fret about the paycut instead of my increase and the silent ignoring of the work and effort I have given which will not be recognised. I feel awful. This travels to my stomach which knots and then my chest which is tight.

My mood is low. I sleep badly. I am exhausted. On Tuesday I am sent home from work as I feel faint, Wednesday I struggle through and today I cannot get up. I see little spots everywhere, I walk clumsily and slur my words. I know I need to see someone. I call in sick for the first time. 

The Dr takes my blood pressure three times. It’s low. He wants me to have a blood screening. He gives me ferrous liquid to take. He Tells me to rest. I do as he says.

Later I still feel awful. The black clouds move closer. I need a hug, some love, some help. Friends call. I feel better, I feel happier. 

My mood is low, my blood pressure is low but life is good. 

I eat, I rest; I am grateful for my friends. 



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