The Power of Flowers

Desperate to avoid feeling depressed I returned to work and decided not to cancel my weekend plans. I was off to Flower Power, the original Ibiza event that had come to London for a night. I had ordered a dress that I would tie dye plus a spare T shirt if the dress went wrong. 

It all went wrong. Nothing arrived on time so I ended up buying a brightly patterned dress the last minute which fit me awfully. I decided to off set my ill fit with body art and painted beautiful flowers on my face and body and a giant swirl of neon on my leg that would glow in the dark! 

I was beginning to feel somewhat better when my Californian Best Friend bought herself a ticket when I had already purchased hers! Whatever I thought lets go with the flow here it’s not about money! So I focused on where I was going and why. 

Flower Power was the time of peace and love, where music United us all, so off I went shrugging off my insecurities about how I looked and set out to dance the night away. We arrived to a sea of prints, patterns and flower adorned hair, everyone looked amazing. The nightclub was a perfect replica of Pascha with peace and hearts signs hanging from the ceiling, the black lights lit up swathes of neon tulle and confetti strewn over the dance floor. All you need is love was written above the bar in giant letters which made us all smile.

The music, the scene, we all were diggin the dancing queen. Everything was just as it should be; happiness, peace & love. The hippies didn’t care, everyone was free, uniqueness was celebrated and that is my message so I relaxed with my friends, looked inside and accepted myself and the past few weeks. 

I want to make people happy and I cannot do this if I myself am not. On the way home at 7am I randomly met a man carrying a bunch of sunflowers ‘what a beautiful flower you are’ he said to me, me having forgotten I was covered in painted flowers. He came over and smiled and handed me one of his sunflowers. I smiled so wide I felt euphoric and thanked him. ‘Your face makes me happy’ he said walking away. ‘Your happiness makes me happy’ I shouted over to him 

The power of flowers lies in the beauty of nature and being your natural self is the most beautiful thing you can be.

 Namaste x


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