Believe in your dreams

for the last two days my dreams have been phenomenal. In only a half conscious state, remnants of mind altering substances leave my body as I ease back into reality. Thoughts, desires and wishes blend together seamlessly and my dreams are long, epic and full of truth. During this period in which my body  readjusts is the tell-tale period that we are more than out physical bodies. Consciousness is king here.

I dream that I am a successful and famous dancer. My dream is full of sparkling costume, bright lavish set design, music and revellers. I sing, I dance, I exude a confidence never before seen in waking life. This is the me of my dreams. Familiar faces appear from my past and future and applaud. There is still hope my dream tells me.

I dream I am a beautiful gangsters moll. I am fussed over, treated like a delicate flower and given everything I want. I watch my ‘Clyde’ from across the room as he talks and commands his minions, their fear and excitement surging with illicit palpitations. Later he will return to me to stroke my face and whisper that I am his. Deep down I suppress my boredom and questioning if our love is real. There is still hope my dream tells me, it is never too late to change your fate.

As I drift seemlessly between my dream state and waking life I know these dreams mean something big to me, something huge. Having spent the week so happy I knew that everything I did was right, that every step I took was in the right direction of my path, that I really am following my dreams.

As a writer I want to investigate further, I want to research, to extrapolate my ideas and see where they lead but something tells me not too. Not yet. My dreams are just there, right there, within a touchable, understandable distance so I must continue to dream. I must do so before Monday morning’s return to reality and the idea that I can be who I want, do as I wish dissolves.

The dreams I experience after illness, changing time zones or after ingesting mind altering chemicals are phenomenal. Always a dreamer I carefully listen to what my dreams tell me. The two dreams which I have been part of over the last 48 hours were amazing and as the path continues to unfold with the right webpage found, the right article opening up, a new philosophy introduced….. well my dream becomes a guide down the road I know I am to follow 


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