Over-Analysis = nothing good

As much as I tried not to think about my two beautiful dreams I could not help but attach meaning to them. Over two days I had such a beautiful vision broken into pieces by my drifting in and out of consciousness that I began to seriously think about wether you could lucidly ‘live’ in a dream state. I would if i could but alas I cannot!

So what were they all about? I have several theories but the most obvious and basic is probably most accurate. The first is my parallel self, the one I wanted and should’ve been. The second much of the same. All I want is love and happiness, isn’t that what we all want?

I began to cry. I began to shake convulsively. Bereft I let go and let it all out. The words ‘you are not alone’ flashed up before my eyes which made me cry harder. I am alone. 

I sat and began to over analyse my life and no good can ever come from that. 

I am not alone? Really…. seriously? I wonder how I can go from being in my favourite place to my most despised but that is life. 

Tomorrow I make the changes that I need to. Do or do not. I stop crying, I stop thinking. I stop.

Dreams are beautiful but never try to over analyse them x


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