An almost stranger knows my ‘worth’

Between chasing my dreams and the daily grind I am Absolutely exhausted! For those who do not know I ran away last week and had oh! too much fun in the sun when I was suppose to be working to make ‘The Man’ richer and my life poorer. Naughtily I went off smiling, laughing to become perfectly tanned and blissed out. At 4am five days later I return with a bump back into the UK and attempt to sleep off the happiness I have endured before returning to my usual depressed self.

My first shift back was the classic 13.5 hour day in which my head juddered, my body fought collapse and my energy lay in alternating sugar and salt based snacks. I knew I was headed home to cry myself to sleep so on a whim I called a (friend/acquaintance/little more than a stranger) and asked if he could drive me home. We all have these people in our lives, usually a work colleague that has never met your partner or a drinking friend who cares little for what you do all day for a living or even worse a person you call randomly when you need to talk to someone who does not know or care about you.

I get into his work van, he leans in to kiss me, overly familiar, before leaning back and raising an eyebrow.

‘what’s wrong with you now’

It dawns on me that he actually might know something about me. I tell him, he listens, then he is quiet. We drive in silence for a while before he tells me I need to get a new job.

‘you’re worth more than that’

Gobsmacked. Silenced. I want to cry. How would he know? how could he know?

‘get a new job and start smiling again’

I nod. He pulls up to my door. I am exhausted but he knows I am worth more than I think.

I wave him away. My friend-slash-acquaintance-slash-little more than a stranger who right now has put a smile on my face.


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