Peaceful Protesting

The cab drivers are not happy about something, the unions want to strike, nurses are never paid enough… the disputes go on. This morning I sat with a bright young thing from work and listened how someone at the start of their career was already so disillusioned at work. I am having so many problems with myself and my working self that I am becoming some kind of numb machine. I get up, I go to work, I come home. How I get through the day I cannot fathom as to do so would be to confront what is going on in my life and make some changes.

Why do I want to stay here? why do I continue to work for a company that have absolutely zero respect for me, who shun everything I say and face palm me at every opportunity??

Square peg, round hole.I belong nowhere.

I stage a peaceful protest with myself. I will look for a new job, I will try and be happy at work or else I cannot moan that I am sinking into a deep depression.

Protest Over!


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