Over Enthusiastic & Over Qualified 

I watched a video on astrology last month where someone predicted events and dates to watch out for in September. I had not seen anything like it before so when this middle aged American man with a southern accent told me to note down some dates I did as he wished. He explained how as we entered the house of Virgo our work ethic and values would be put to test. He spoke about the Pisces full moon, mercury in retrograde but it was the 13th of September that was most important, the Virgo full moon where I wrote ‘perfect your life’ and it is  Amazing to report that on that day I did just that. 

As I write this I shake my head! This whole month has been a rough ride to find my worth, to find my true self and what I believe in; so on that day, the thirteenth, some two weeks ago, having just returned from my white isle I decided to look for a new job. 

The following day I applied for three. One ignored me completely, one was the same shit, different company and the third called me for interview. 

I’ve written how strange the interview went and it is no shock to learn I was not given the position. The reason however is shocking as I was told I was over qualified!

Dealing with being told I have too much experience for a position I could do easily threw me. They used ambition as a reason against me; I want too much. I wasn’t sure how to respond. Am I too ambitious? I fell into a depression and then my insomnia was back.

I have struggled through the last few weeks at work and not entirely known how to balance being depressed at work. My insomnia meds stood no chance against my over worked mind and if it wasn’t for the Birmingham Franchisee I would not have even have smiled.

What was I to do with my over enthusiastic and over qualified self? I put so much into my job and got so little back. I began to sink further and further into the black hole and then on Saturday it happened, it happened for the first time since the beginning of the year; I had an anxiety attack!


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