Astrological Prophesy 

For the second time this year I took note of some dates from an astrologer I stumbled across on YouTube. As I said before the Astrologer is like the man next door with no crystal ball or black cape. His short confident serious toned videos are watched by thousands but myself I confess, I have only watched three and these three have all been deeply touching and relevant to my life on the dates predicted.  

He speaks of Capricorn, Aries and Libra, he speaks of argumentative times, he speaks of standing strong or repeating the same pattern. I am listening. 

When my mental health began to break down the first thing to go was my sleep pattern. Staring out my window throughout the night I once could tell the time by the position of the moon. I began to chart the moon in my own amateur way. I charted my pain, lack of sleep and general mood – there was a pattern here! Having no menstrual cycle throughout my adult life it was strange that for the first time since my teenage years I knew something was happening inside my body. Uncannily accurate I noted a difference in eating pattern, in my weight, aches and pains, the usual things girls have in association with their cycle. I felt part of the club. I still didn’t bleed but the signs were there. It wasn’t as accurate as in ancient times but most of my cyst pain begins mid-month and ends the last day of the month. 

My writing also benefitted from a clear head every start of the month which for me is completely pain and problem free. I was a different person for the first ten days of the month, I was my old self, I had no problem at all, then come the eleventh to fifteenth and I would find myself back in bed. This was my life for a few years.

This ‘cycle’ happened for nearly five years and something the Astrologer said caught my attention. ‘Act now’ he said ‘or repeat the pattern again’ he went on to say ‘follow your passion’ he repeats how our calling is becoming clearer and we need to listen to the message given to us. He speaks generally of the world ‘waking up’ and bids us success on our journey.

The reading is general and given to no one in particular but I hear the message loud and clear. In September I heard a door slam in my dreams when I was away on the white Isle. I had listened to myself, followed my instinct and gone away to rest and have time to think. I knew what I needed to do then just as I did now. The old path was coming to an end but I was scared of the change so I continued down the wrong path until I was almost catapulted onto this new and strange one. 

My path is taking me to a spiritual place. One I have been wanting to journey to I think all my life. I listen to the ‘man next door’ Astrologer and I endeavour to do as much as I can to change.

I am excited as I urge you to watch this space…


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