Facebook, Politics & Social Alienation 

does anyone else feel anxious, lonely, annoyed even after scrolling through their Facebook? Or is it just me? I was late to learn of Friday’s atrocities and it was only due to a large number of ‘updated profile pics’ in tricolour. I immediately hit the BBC News tab on my laptop and watched shocked late on Saturday what had happened in Paris. 

Later that evening I deliberately watched a news special. I do not watch much mainstream television and the reasons may be controversial to some as I believe it to be propaganda. 

My heart felt condolences to all those that lost their lives and I stand with everyone else on that matter but the decision by Facebook to allow you to ‘show’ solidarity by changing your profile picture annoyed me. 

I have friends who hit a button, all they did was hit a button. These people think they know Isis, about Muslims, even about War. I do not claim to know much more myself but I have studied Political Journalism, Theology and studied at great length several mystical religions and practices. I have friends of all religions and races but I know due to not hitting a button I will be chastised. 

The hilarious thing for me was that I spent hours of yesterday trying to work out the best way to travel around the Middle East with visas and stamps without offending any of the countries I visited. I also debated whether the beauty of Syria was worth the possibility of death and had decided yes. At that moment I had no idea that Paris had been under counter attack. 

I am of the belief that If I bomb you then what is so surprising that you will bomb me back? I do not want to be politically phoecitious but 150 people died in a major city but most ignore the 150 thousands who die in the countries from which we fire at. My heart hurts for all who die. Life is beautiful and we need to realise that no one is more important than the other. A Syrian death is hardly ever reported yet I know the name and face of the only British death thus far accounted. He is from my home county, yet this saddens me no more than the nameless Muslim who dies daily. I wish not to retaliate, I wish to understand.

It has already been commented upon that certain people did not change their profile pictures and I refuse to go along with the crowd on this one. Facebook know what they are doing and they can, if they choose, collate a worldwide statistic of sociological behaviour. Facebook are showing my friends that I do not do what they do and for some this annoys them but it annoys me more. I do not stand alone. I stand with countless others. Facebook is American and after 9/11 they declared war which 14 years later still splits opinion.

I feel very confused and know I must keep quiet about the most exciting journey I have ever planned. I think I will take a break from Facebook and continue to dream of the wonders which await me in the Middle East. 

Namaste and Genuine Love & Light to all xx


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