My Friendship Triangle

I wasn’t much fun tonight, I rarely am. My friend Sabs and I went for a Turkish meal then late night shopping for children’s pyjamas. I made Sabs laugh during the meal but as tiredness kicked in I became withdrawn and introverted. Sabs let me talk about the last few weeks and what I have planned for the next couple of months. She gives great advice and is totally supportive of me and my decision. I find great comfort in this. Later I begin to feel uncomfortable as I’m thinking that I’ve nothing positive to say and cannot shift this negative thought so I go home. I’m in the taxi and she messages me that she is here for me and I know she truly means it.

My California bestie is home for the holidays so I won’t see her until next year. She too regularly messages me that she is there for me albeit thousands of miles away. The love is strong.

To complete a friendship triangle my Hungarian lovely continues to call me regularly through the week. I do not know when we became friends? Maybe I took a look at her and knew she was the person for me but since meeting we have been unbelievably close. She tells me often that if her English was stronger that she would tell me so many things. She is deep and knowledgable and her heart is full of pure love. She too is going away but no matter what I know all three of them are there for me even when I am lonesome and lost in a sea of confusion.

Tonight as I lie down I have Sabs’ words in my ear that ‘better things are on the way’, the Hungarian tells me that ‘tomorrow will bring new adventures’  and the California Bestie sends me Love & Light and I cannot help but know that this is such a privileged way to fall asleep.

Xx Namaste xX


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