Love is the Answer

When I started Fem Feelings last year I wanted to write the truth about how I feel inside. I wanted to tell others how hurt, saddened, desperate, crazy, abstract and discombobulated I often felt. But I haven’t been telling you the whole truth as sometimes, well, most of the time in fact I am beautifully happy, estatatic and grateful for my life. You see I have this unrelenting pragmatism that makes me see the positive in the small things and this trait is really what keeps me going day to day. I am one of those who stops to smell the flowers, who dance in the rain or worse – forgives and moves on.

Over the years I have been learning to love myself because love is the answer and it is the only answer. 

Telling my story has been so cathartic for me and I thank you so much for listening, liking and helping me along so now I will begin to tell you another story; the story of love and relationships.

Love truly has turned my life around. Love has saved me. So I ask you today: do you love yourself? Do you think you are worth loving and lastly do you spread love to others? 

There is not one question about life that is not rooted in love so be the happiest you can be and let love be the answer to your problems. 

With Love & Light Always to you my Friend xx


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