Being Grateful

Waking up and being truly grateful for the day must be one of the hardest things to do yet after months, years or decades of trying, one day, one beautiful morning you will know what it feels like and your whole life will change.

It happened to me over a year ago and for the first time I knew what it was to be happy. My whole life was reassessed, I saw everything differently, but sadly, it was not to last. I became sad again and forgot what it was to be grateful. I no longer woke in the morning and said ‘thank you’ reverting to the usual groans and moans we all start our day with but I still remembered what it felt like to wake up grateful so I promised myself that I would try again.

Through the misery and pain and Lonliness I attempted to wake up grateful. I dismissed my initial thought of ‘I hate my life’ or ‘ugh! Here we go agdin’ and simply said ‘thank you’. As the months went on I started to say thank you for everything. I can tell you that you also have been thanked as I thank my friends, my family, work colleagues and yes WordPress family. 

Slowly I started to see that my words and thoughts were powerful. That I could be happy again, happy on my own, happy yet sad. I started to be thankful for who I really was. I thanked my sad days, my really unbareable low days, my crazy high energy days and days when I made others smile. I thanked all days. I am grateful for all days.

It’s taken me a lifetime to be grateful but I wake each morning with a beautiful feeling and encourage you all likewise.

I am grateful for being able to tell you this message. Love Life. Be Happy. Namaste.


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