Soul Wandering

I go to the White isle for four days. The familiar sun beats down on me as I walk familiar routes. I am happy. My heart is happy. This is where I belong.

For four nights I watch the sun set on the horizon. For four nights I dance until sunrise – this is my version of sunworship. This is my religion.

In between I snatch moments of sleep, by the pool, on the beach, on the bus. I dream of You. I dream of all of you. I am happy.

When I return you know. When I return you think of me but do not know why. When i return you dream of me.

I continue to feel the love. I give out the love. The sun has bronzed my skin, a constant reminder of my beautiful white isle – I beam it’s beauty out with every smile.

At night I dream of you. My soul wanders over to yours whispering a sweet song that resonates deep like a hypnotic house beat. I tell you of the White isle, of its beauty, the tranquility and naked honesty. It is where I am free; it is where I long to be.

My soul will tell you that I will always be here for you, that you know where to find me

Do not be sad on this plane for your soul knows where you are most happiest and I will take you in your dreams, all you need to do is tell me where and my soul will wander with you there.


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