Talking & Listening

I wonder if I have one sided friendships? I think I listen as much as I need someone to listen to me. Sometimes it seems as though I talk too much. My friends seem happy with my advice and guidance. They respect my opinion and all of them come to me. Maybe I feel as if I’m low or depressed or sad more often. I have more grievance with the suggestion that life ‘is shit’ surely it cannot be so. 

Why can I not just get on with the dogmatic humdrum like everyone else, why must life be wonderous and magical. Why should I want my story to evoke inspiration and adventure in others.

I will always be talking. I will always be listening. Hopefully one day all the listening to my sad story will spread happiness 


3 thoughts on “Talking & Listening

    • Leo!!!! I’ve been thinking about you and sending you love in my prayers! How are you?? Ah thank you so much for thinking of me. I have had a long testing year and finally it seems that it is turning around! How has your year been? I hope you are well and health has greatly improved xx


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