Decoding your Dreams

dreaming is by far the most fascinating part of my day. A fragmentary illogical mixture of senses and experience that I desperately replay over and over in my mind each morning before they float away, never quite lodging in my memory, disappearing quickly as if they had never even existed. 

Sometimes you know exactly what and why you dreamt a dream; most due to stress and anxiety but there are those little oddities that baffle beyond belief. 

Recently I changed my belief system to incorporate deep meditation and my dreams followed suit. Between my dreams and lucid dreaming I am starting to unlock a code – a dream decoder if you will. Although random and wildly imaginative my dreams make more sense than before and I truly believe there is more to dreaming than merely nighttime brain junk. 

There is so much more than we know and I know this because I dream. Dreaming is the place between here and there. I have been many places, met vastly differently cultured people and had experiences that I cannot explain. My dreams propel me forward, my dreams give me something to live for, a wondrous wonderment that tomorrow I will experience magic. 

When I am at my saddest I welcome this dreamstate and my vivid technicolor visions. When I am at my saddest going to sleep and meeting you in my dreams is the best and sometimes only thing I can do as I know when I wake up I can decode and I will know what to do.


2 thoughts on “Decoding your Dreams

  1. I love dreaming as well! And I know what you mean; sometimes I have the strangest most vivid dreams which literally leave me baffled when I wake up; and other times I can kind of work out what they might be about- but they’re always fascinating 🙂 I like the idea of actually looking forward to dreaming though.. that’s kinda a nice thing to think about before going off to sleep.


    • This helped my insomnia. I stopped counting the hours and was grateful for any sleep I received. I learnt to enjoy lucid dreaming and WoW bonus! if I fell asleep. We are writers so what better place to go then out dreams??


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