Happy Birthday Little Blog

I hope you are well, I hope life is joyous and eventful and if not I hope you are happy that you made it through January! It is my two year anniversary for this blog and almost five years since I discovered WordPress. I have tried many writing styles and subjects however the commitment remains strong to this one, albeit on a small scale.

I will never claim that this blog is popular or well executed. That it is groundbreaking or life changing; simply, it means something very dear to me.  I am a pen and paper writer. I fill journals with words and occasionally my laptop. That is why a commitment to publish each month, no matter how small, is an achievement to me. It is always there at the back of my mind, a reminder to keep going, a way I keep questioning the events of my life. Writing aside, the therapeutic element to this blog has given me strength and determination. I ocassionally flip through and realise that no matter how small a contribution, one has been made; here I am telling my story.

Last year, no two years ago I decided to transcribe my pen and ink writing and sift through for pieces to edit. I stacked up a huge pile of pretty folio’s, leather bound journals, school style copy books and diaries. I stood proudly beside and wondered just how many words I had written. What stories and events were contained inside? What feelings and emotions? And then I became scared. How would I read my own story then how could I copy and edit it??  I realised I was not ready. I continued with my blogs and with creative writing exercises from class. I read about writing, I read other biographies and memoirs. I continued to write.

I had always been cautious of how I ‘marketed’ my blog. Having had several before I knew that I had outgrown some of my previous attempts and gotten stuck in the style and content of others. This one would be however it came. Part female health, part mental health, part Bildungsroman. The truth is I did not know and still do not. I spend more time thinking about articles than I do writing them – correction! I write everyday, publishing my work is something else entirely –  I am aware I do not blog as much as I should, tell as many to follow me, read your work as often as I could or attach the necessary social media widgets… but this blog will get there when it gets there. Like any form of healing, sometimes it just takes time.

It is a good feeling to see my writing here on WordPress. I am proud at having made an effort to blog each month and I will continue this year to publish my work and hopefully put a smile on your face. As always, Love is the real message and I hope to write you better posts and inspire you to do the same.

With Love Always

Xx V xX


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Blog

  1. Hi, this is such a nice post, and you write so well! I’ve gained a lot, just from reading two of your posts so am looking forward to reading more. YOu say, you needed to take some time out, to learn and reflect. You said you needed to slow down, and think about yourself more.. this is so true for me as well I think.. and it really made me pay attention. YOu know when something just resonates? “Like any form of healing, sometimes it just takes time.”- this line as well, means a lot. I am definitely still healing as well.. Mental Illness takes a lot out of you, and then it takes a long time to get back what was lost.. :/

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    • I’ve learnt to be very guarded with my emotions. I know that you cannot give pieces of you away to others. You must hold back and learn to understand who you are and why. Ultimately you need to love yourself for being unique with a unique story


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