Bar Belle

Is it appropriate for a single professional woman to sit alone at a bar on a school night drinking cocktails?

I found myself wondering this to myself on the station platform unsure whether to head into town or not. A few years ago I would have boarded the train and hit a familiar bar but these days there is no such place, everywhere is alien to me; everywhere my single status shines like a beacon, highlighting my lack of friends or fiancé. 

Over the years I have learnt to dine alone, see the sights alone and even enjoy the beach alone (just who watches your bag whilst you swim?) But drinking alone is something altogether different. Don’t get me wrong here I have danced alone in clubs, listened to jazz and I regularly attend the theatre where attendees are the same as you, all there for the same reasons – to appreciate a DJ, Band or Perfomers; your solo ticket does not raise as much as an eyebrow. But consider, if you will, the sight of me in my corporate dress and heels, alone at the bar, dirty tanquearay martini in hand … ok ok that’s not a good picture at all, what about a wine glass… no still not good … well! there is no acceptable image! Throw in a few colleagues and all is well. 

In this day and age I should not be afraid of drinking alone, it should not make me anxious or paranoid about what others are thinking but unfortunately even I think a woman drinking alone is difficult to comprehend. 


2 thoughts on “Bar Belle

  1. Hi there! I am new to the blogging world and was looking for fabulous ones to follow and I stumbled across this post.

    I have also had this thought and you know what? I have grown to love it. I had reservations at first and had those anxious thoughts of what are people thinking about this image. But I have grown to enjoy them. First, screw it I say! Some days you can just go for a drink k at the end of the day and if I don’t have to make it? Even better. I find these little me times cathartic. I also get to people watch a bit, chat maybe with a nice person next to me or just to be alone in my head surrounded by chatter, listening in if I feel like it.

    I have had this conversation with a few other people and they have said the same. Sometimes it’s nice not having to entertain friends or colleagues. Just simply enjoy the close of the day with your favorite drink. So I say, enjoy it sting lady! You work hard and deserve it! 😊

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