Hippy Happiness

The Elrow Show is in town, a crazy, party popping, fiesta style carnival (pronounced car-nee-val followed by a whoop whoop!) is in London. It sells out in two hours, another date is added, then another, both selling out ridiculously fast. My sister bags me a ticket as she knows it’s my favourite night; banging house, trip hop, a few classics. Performers on stilts, 100’s of beach balls flying around hitting me on the head and confetti canons that mesmerise me.

The tattoo on my arm reads: Oh Frabjous day, callooh callay and I don’t think in my adult life I’ve ever had as much fun then when I am at Elrow. I desperately wanted to go down the rabbit hole as a child and with Elrow I can. Aided by some trippy dippy stimulants I drift deeper into the sound and I remember how magical life can be. In a total reversal I am blissfully happy; just me, alone, in a London club, on a Saturday afternoon. 

Oh Frabjous day, callooh callay

Elrow was exactly what I needed. Oh Frabjous day! As I lie here on my bed, a little fragile, having flashbacks, I smile to myself; I’m gonna be alright. The hippies were right, love is all you need and I love Elrow


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