Chocolate Flavoured SSRI’s

Raise your hand if you consume copious amounts of sweet milky badness when you are down?? Me too. I knew all day that this moment was coming, that later, when away from prying eyes, I would throw open the cupboards and binge on sickly sweet treats until i fell into a carb-induced coma. I hate myself. I feel awful, I feel frustrated and tired – oh so tired. 
I am depressed and feel hopeless. Because I am at risk of sabotaging my nights sleep with worry I have taken a (low dose) sedative. My first in forever! I need to drift away, quiet my mind. 



One thought on “Chocolate Flavoured SSRI’s

  1. Everyone has their moments of so-called “defeat”. So many times I have binged and felt like I ruined all the hard work I have done so far. But the important part is not dwelling on the moments of weakness and pushing through them. You got this! Stay positive!

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