Love Movement

One of my Amazing friends is spreading love one person at a time with her Eternal Love movement. Inspired by positivity she has been meeting all manner of people to connect and engage them to fulfil their hearts desire and live happier loving lives. When I first heard about it I simply smiled as this girl is warm hearted and always had good intent, I wanted to help but this year I’ve been focused on myself. I follow her on Facebook and was happy to support her cause. As you know I had a minor set back yesterday, I was surprised to feel those familiar sinking feelings again So when my phone beeped and my friend wanted to meet up I couldn’t wait. 

Bright, beaming and full of Love Brigit embraces me and we take a stroll through the park. We chat about what’s she’s been up to, what I’ve been doing – we haven’t seen each other since 2014 and there’s lots to catch up with. Finally we discuss callings, hearing a calling to follow your dreams. I tell her how recently I’ve become more confident announcing myself as a writer and putting my head down to completely my portfolio. Brigit has started the movement and is plugged into the universal super frequency! Life is great. She’s moving, shaking and most importantly speading love. 

Brigit is organising a love march in London and has asked me to join the group and  help spread love. On a day in which I awoke panicking and full of anxiety I can think of nothing better than making others smile. I ask Brigit if I can apply glitter and body paint to all participants – of course I can – well that’s that and I’m in!! 

Brigit adds me to a group and soon I’m introducing myself to other sweet people who are on a mission to make the world a nicer place.

I wake up with a new lease of life. I’ve wanted to change my blog for a while. I want to move away from infertility and grief and onto a more positive note and now I know how….

Love is always the answer 


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