My Irish Friend’s Friends

(I may need to consult the grammar book on that title!!) Err apologies…. I may still have grape juice in the system as I met up with my beautiful Irish friend and her friends last night and what an evening it was! 

We began seventeen years ago when we dated brothers. I always felt for sure that we would be sister in-laws and even now if I imagine my wedding, she’s one of my bridesmaids. We now call ourselves ‘the ones that got away’ and remain great friends, you know the ones that have swathes of time until the next meet up but it seems like yesterday when we do, yup, we are those friends. I adore her. 

She flew in, asked everyone she knew to come out and what a great meeting of individuals. I always believe your friends are a mirror of who you are inside and it hurts me when I have to let anyone go but this girl and her friends are testament to the beauty she and they have inside. I’m super proud to have a friend like this and we mirror each other and that makes me feel like a good person. I’d only met one of them before but they welcomed me in and didn’t want me to leave. They are kind and consederate, hardworking yet fun. My Friend has great friends and I am one of them. I too have great friends and she is a shining example.

My Irish friend has pulled me out of the darkness and made me remember who I am and what my values are and for that I thank her and her Amazing friends. 

Have a great day everyone


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