An Arty Farty Idea

I once wanted to own a domain name and website to collectively keep all my bits of creativity together. I decided on Hummingbird House because I like feathers, I am half Jamaican and at the time I had agoraphobia and felt trapped inside a bird cage. For no reason at all I changed it to French: Maison Colibri bought the name and then did absolutely nothing (Bof!) I really should have gone with that idea and set the site up.

I write about how I feel, about ibiza and attempt to write about connection. After writing I create art; I paint, I craft, and I like collecting things – beautiful things. I like to make pieces that make me smile. My art serves no purpose. it is not political, radical or inspiring. I am not particularly good at it yet I keep making it…. it makes my inner child happy!

I woke up with an idea a few weeks back. I want to paint people, literally paint all over peoples bodies. I love being painted or covered in glitter and I know this makes others smile too. On the white isle it is common place to be adorned – I even started a trend whilst there!! When I have my paint or glitter on I always believe I inspire others to be more confident, more themselves or just more their crazy, playful side.

Back in Blighty there is little call for adult body art so I’m not exactly sure on the specifics yet but I may start a project going. This is something I really want to do, another of my arty farty ideas. I care not. I want to make people smile, I want to make myself smile. I will keep thinking about how I can get more paint on more people ….. watch this space


4 thoughts on “An Arty Farty Idea

  1. There’s no predicting, but I can see something like body painting taking off someday, even eventually becoming as fashionable as tattoos. It would take years, decades for that to happen, but the idea seems a sound one.

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