The Real Face of Yoga

No California Blondes, not a catchy slogan vest in sight, just focused and dedicated individuals doing their best – the real face of yoga is your own.

Like ballet I enjoy practicing yoga as it allows me to focus on my inner and outer strength. I care not for anyone else in the room and am only in competition with myself. Both take discipline and determination to produce small improvements which in the end are is oh so worth it. I signed up for a month of Bikram yoga (the hot one) something different, something to get me going, I had no idea what it would be like and it turns out it was great fun. 

I am no gym bunny! I am overweight and would love to control my hormones and depression with healthy eating and exercise. I tried at the beginning of the year to run a couple of miles each week – that didn’t last long. I tried walking everywhere and my pace got slower as I didn’t want to walk. I tried to eat well …. I got sick, I got depressed, I got fed up. I decided to do something for fun and forget about losing weight or being ‘good’. I stopped talking about food and just ate. I went into my first yoga class and realised I needed to up my water intake. I bought a swish water bottle and carry it everywhere I go. The yoga itself is stretching and pushing your body into Assanas a little more each time. I am happy to report that I am much more flexible now and saw a great improvement in my balancing. 

What surprised me most was my dedication, I was committed. I turned up and tuned in. I remembered that I am capable of great things, however small. My previous goals were too big, too strict, too demanding. I didn’t lose much weight after a month but I am happy with that as I noticed that I didn’t experience a sudden drop in mood which is worth more to me. I am still overweight, still depressed and still working hard to be better. 



2 thoughts on “The Real Face of Yoga

  1. Deprivation can cause depression especially if we aren’t happy with our lives or ourselves. I have found that small changes over longer periods of time bring a feeling of accomplishment and make us want more. Do it at your pace and forget everything else. What weight is lost, comes back on fast and more of it if we cant sustain it. Feeling deprived isn’t a lifestyle to be endured. Congrats!

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  2. I decided to do something for fun and forget about losing weight or being ‘good’.

    None of us are good; nor can we be. Goodness in this respect is something we can only head for, approach.

    Part of the realization of what we’re about is accepting our weaknesses; and it is here that we as humans have something very important. That is to say, other people. They can support us in our weakness, because where we might be weak, they are strong. If humans could do this rather than accusing each other of being weak, we would have a society worth the name.

    Nevertheless, the things others tell us bring us to realizations that we cannot otherwise know. Yoga – developed in the distant past – was developed for people who knew who they were and knew their task in life. Today it is not so, and should not be so. Yoga can help us find what we can find; it cannot help us with what we have lost.

    Yoga will bring you the most sublime peace; but can only do so if you have found most of those things you have lost. Indeed, knowing how to find these things is a joy that leads directly to that sublimity.

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