A Colourful Living Legend

I have an older work colleague who reminds me of my California bestie. They share similar traits and both make me smile. Last Wednesday SG invites me on a colour walk, a colour what? a walk around London with brightly dressed individuals to inspire others and raise awareness of the arts- me? I’m in!! We meet outside the old library and standing in amongst the colourful people is the Goddess of Colour herself Sue Kreitzman! As I pick my jaw off the floor I realise that beautiful souls are everywhere, you need only know where to look. I spend the day rambling the streets, delving into fabric shops, rummaging through thrift but best of all, I am surrounded by colour – colourful people with colourful stories and colourful lives – and I am one of them too. 

Over lunch the 77 year old fashionista from New York smiles at me and tells me stories of her life. WoW life is a better place with colourful people in it


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