I Hope That Someone Gets My Message In a Bottle

I always tell others to live the life that they dream

to smile and be happy

to know things are not what they seem 

That better things are yet to come, but you can tell that I do not include myself with those joyous happy ones

I am too far away, too far out, alone on my own little island

until I realise 

we all maroon ourselves in the back of dark minds, drifting and bobbing, hoping for someone to find them

The island is as above as it is below, it is raw intense heat, a fertile land where your dreams can grow. 

It is everything and nothing

Life and death

But most of all it is where my heart is happy and my soul rests

But I am afraid of the deep dark sea 


I am too scared to feel what it is like to feel free. 

But I know what it’s like to drown

what it is to burn

to be buried 

to fall from the skies;

a wingless bird who cannot fly

I lost my voice and could not sing

I was the girl who forgot that she could win

A girl who went through the darkness and gave up everything.  

He was calm, he was collected as he drifted off shore

dreaming of endless possibilities

he could not settle

he did not rest

he kept on working

More and more

A message in a bottle had touched his hand so he travelled on a vessel called Hope to a faraway land

There she stood at the precipice 

She turned

and waved down to him from the cliffs

And somehow he knew something that she did not know

That he had the compass that she wished to own

And just like that it all changes

No darkness, no prison bars, no dreams of escaping

Here is clarity 

Dissipating the clouds

Squashing fears 

Ending the struggle of the long harrowing years

He tells her to jump

That he will catch her 

but she no longer is scared, she puts it all behind her

He holds her hand 

She decides to elope

as she takes her first steps and boards the vessel called Hope

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