Mid Summer Morning

I was taken to a castle, led by the hand. 

He told me to look up 

He told me where to stand

the pink morning sky would soon turn golden. 

It was the end of our weekend stay, making the most of the day was important

A chilly start, we are not alone

On a grass knoll

Far from home

We all have gathered to witness a dawning

We have all gathered on a mid summer morning

Hundreds of Hydrozoa were let loose in the sky

I kid you not – jellyfish went floating by 

Mesmerised I stand transfixed; watching

I look at him to explain to me, how can this be could be happening? 

I hold onto his hand, witnessing a miracle 

Am I dreaming, is seeing believing? 


Stand still. Breathe in

The ones of old know

The connected come together in dreams 

They pass on messages, the continuum of life, 

reminding us


The longest day, be thankful, the sun will set late 

We will dance through the next few months 

We are revellers, enjoying summer fetes


We cross each other’s paths and inspire new beginnings. 

Summer Solstice is here

We are the magicians

We are Druid, Celt, Sufi, African King


7 thoughts on “Mid Summer Morning

    • Awww thank you, another one of my clairauditory dreams that leant itself well to a soft rhythm. I know so little about poetry and can only keep practicing and practicing. I wake up hearing sounds and they translate like this …. I’m very happy with it, although trying to find an image of floating sparkly jellyfish was too great an early morning challenge!!
      So glad you like it

      Liked by 3 people

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