Uncharacteristic Acts

Stab a Cancerian Man through the heart. Rip through those sinews, twist and tear, and shred – shred all he stands for to pieces. 

Punch an Aquarian woman square in the face, make her hurt more than her own insecurities ever could, then, offer to help her up before pushing her down again; look who’s laughing now. 

Whilst Capricorn sleeps take all he has, empty his wallet, steal the Benz keys. Today is the day he learns you won’t do as he please

It is Virgo’s wedding day. She looks as sweet as an angel. Sneering you look callously down at her, remembering what he did, in that room, only a few hours ago. 

It is ok for them to do it to you and I know you wish you could do it back too. Sometimes it is simply wrong place, wrong time and others you wonder which stars misaligned, to bring you misfortune, hardship and tears, to make you the victim of scorn and ridicule; to become the women whose presence evokes fear. 

Why was the water sign compelled to take flight, why did she choose her best friend to quarrel and fight? What made him lie, steal and cheat, then onto the next with the same lies he was sure to repeat. 

How can you take it with decency and decorum, how do you sleep through the night without plotting to harm them? Do you put it all down to uncharacteristic acts, hoping to be fairly treated or else one day you might snap, and stab a Cancerian man right through the heart or know that an Aquarian friendship will end before it starts. That the runaway fiancĂ© is not who he claims, but he will keep on breaking hearts, as for him it’s a game. 

Will you hold on to a hope that there will come a time, that the rage will leave you and the anger subside. Will you look back fondly and realise the pain made you grow, into the beautiful person everyone knows. Will you forgive them and move on, will you stand firm and remain strong; will you always remember that it is perfectly acceptable to seek revenge, but really Libra, it is much better to stay true to yourself, to very the end


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