Moaning About The Weather

Brits cannot go a day without commenting on the weather, it is our specialist subject and we even have a lexicon of weather words to help us describe the ever changing conditions. 

I love all weather. I especially love rain, heavy rain, heavy downpours of torrential rain. I cannot remember ever moaning about the weather during my youth or when I lived in Ireland, their weather is crazy, you can get four season in one day! Moaning about the weather is just not something I do, until now.

I returned to the UK in 2013. I enjoyed a glorious summer, traditional autumn then a weird warm winter. In 2014 I fled off to ibiza. 2015 was hot summer, cold winter, followed by a wet spring – normal English weather which was repeated in 2016. This year however is annoying me. With possibly the coldest start I can remember, freezing cold, icy, overcast days then boom summer is here – no April showers no gentle warm May; cold to hot – I think not!

Now I am sorry to moan but this is pants! Did I miss the daffodils, the grass growing, baby birds, feeding the fish and ducks by a pond on a grey wet spring afternoon? Rainy days, unexpected sunny day, dancing around the maypole, burnt BBQ, or beer gardens on bank holiday? The months went by, seasons have changed, so why is it like someone has just turned the sun on. I feel as though I have been catapulted into summer and I am not ready! I am too hot, too unfit, too tired, and too lazy. I am still hibernating – ugh! Someone tell me when it is over so I can enjoy the rain again! 

I have become a weather complainant, help! get me out of here and back on my island!! (Joking, it is either roasting or raining there … a bit like here lol) Anyone ever been to Canada …. 


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