Gav’s Mate Kate

I had crashed out on a spare bed in a multi roomed apartment across town. I look over at Janessa’s sleeping sunkissed beautiful body, her luminous raven black hair sprawling out across a small pillow. The morning sun spliced through oddly hung sheer curtains, all was quiet. We had loudly collapsed onto the small Spanish bed giggling. The details of the night escape me; there had been laughter, that much I know.

I walk unsteadily towards the terrace, grabbing cigarettes from a table and wondering if there are beers left. A dirty white plastic chair scrapes me as I plonk down. Squinting, I look out from the terrace across the hotel rooftops and at the gentle rolling waves. My first morning on the west coast and I am waking up in someone else’s apartment, a sure sign of things to come. I inhale deeply, taking long drags on a menthol cigarette. Quiet, calm, solitude.

‘Elloo Luv’ I turn to see the smiling happy face of Gav’s mate Kate, her strong northern accent interrupting my serene sought after silence. Before I can reply a half naked torso crosses the kitchen, ‘Morning’ we both shout out.

‘Who’s that?’ Gav’s mate Kate asks, ‘no idea’ I shrug ‘I don’t live here, I crashed out about 5am, someone put me to bed’. Gav’s mate Kate smiles ‘Is that right? Well, I’m ‘ere for a few days so we can crash ‘ere together. This is me mates gaff, and a friend o’ his is one o’ mine – sound!’ Kate reaches into her bag, pulls out a strawberry and lime cider, flips the top off with a lighter and hands to me. ‘Get that down ya Luv, lets get this party started’



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