On Saturday, a man I had known for five minutes asked me why I was almost thirty six and childless, he must be the hundredth person to ask and I tell you – it’s like taking a freaking bullet each time! 

This man judged me, a man whose own life was less than perfect. Does he have a right to know? Am I less of a person if I never marry or have children – am I subhuman?  

For some reason I am thinking of A.I. when the boy robot is wishing to the blue fairy to make him real, why couldn’t I have been real too? 

I no longer grieve for children and I embrace life as it is, however, it still hurts to think that I am less than complete, some subhuman robot or dysfunctional gene’d freak


6 thoughts on “Sub-human

  1. At some point in the past, I was like everyone else. But over the years I’ve come to know lots of people who chose not to have kids or get married, and they’re not selfish or worthless or any of those things. They know what they want, and I’m totally supportive of that choice.

    You are a full and complete human, no less than anyone else. In fact, you’re more, because I like you. 🙂

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    • This man was pained and insecure, every word he said was negative yet he still judged and was blind to my discomfort. We are all the same yet unbelievably unique I wonder why some cannot see that.


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