A Bronze Bolt

He smiled his way through as he trained hard, visited sick children and took tea with the Queen. He smiled his way through as this was always his dream

He was the fastest man on the planet, a world record breaker, our favourite athlete of all time. Amazing achievements, how must it feel to cross that line?

He put the small island firmly on the map, receiving Gold after Gold it was hard to look back

The crowds cheered for more but a true athletes life, is never without worry, injury, or mental strife 

He could have bowed out in Rio from his golden podium, but a thought deep down inside, he wanted to know if someone could beat him

He held off retiring and sang a sweet song, but today at closing he will receive a bronze 

But do not weep for him, be disappointed, or angry

We are Jamaicans, history is rich, life is good, life is Irie!

Our mentality is strong, we do our best, no need to find fault

We lead by example, inspire others, can change the world if we want to – just like Mr Bolt


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