Parental Love

My Parents think me Beautiful, they think there is something about me that is really special (I’ve stolen those words from Snoop Dogg and Pharrell) They tell me in more actions not words, and I hear them. 

We go for dinner at Jazz Cafe in Camden. It’s my idea, I’ve no children nor home of my own so I’ve told them that when they are home from Florida we must have a day out, just us. It’s harder to plan then imagined, something to suit us all. Jazz Cafe is excellent, Soul Sunday gets us swaying, singing and Dad and I sink two bottles of Californian merlot.

They want to see me doing well, they want to do things I do, go places I go.

I wonder how I look to them, am I together?  and I strong in my solo status? They are forty two years together and worry about me. I’m ok, I’ll get there I promise them. 

My Parents love me so much, it is an amazing thing to see and be in the moment of. I welcome my upcoming uni days where pieces of this jigsaw will slot together and hopefully I will know the direction to go. 

I still want to make them proud despite knowing that they are already so proud of me – don’t worry, there are bigger things to come – trust me 


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