Fireworks & Worry

I walked out of my job today, I won’t bore you with the details, I will think about life tomorrow. I went off like a firework, hissing, spitting and exploding the f-bomb all over the office – classy! 

I am also worried about my friend well, I say friend but he’s a fellow blogger and I wish him love, light and the strength to focus on himself and return when he’s back to his hilariously, clever and inspiring self. 

I think about things. My job helped me turn a corner and now it is forcing me down a path I do not wish to travel, to be a person I do not wish to be. I think about my friend who showed me to forget about the struggle and that good people, supportive and lovely people can help each other through the dark times. 

Like my friend I will focus on myself tomorrow, I rarely go off like a firework and usually some damage has been done. I will sit and think about life and hope my friend is out there chilling out and happy

Namaste x


2 thoughts on “Fireworks & Worry

  1. I used to have a very similar temper. Temper’s not really the right word, but I can’t think of the right word right now. You know what I mean: I used to feel like I was drowning, and the only way to swim out of it was by panicking. I walked out on a few jobs. I lost a couple good ones. I almost lost myself once.

    Then I started backpacking. Worse, I started teaching others to backpack. Whenever I felt the drowning sensation build up, I let it out, and no one cared. Screaming off the edge of a mountain’s fun at first; then it gets silly. I started to see how wrong I was, allowing myself to get so wound up by such small things. I started thinking about breathing. I started thinking about my feet, like roots, shooting into the ground. I started thinking about how many times my heart beat and how many times it would never beat that same beat again.

    It’s okay to get angry. But let that anger wash over you and dissipate like a wine buzz before you stand up or talk. That’s what I’ve been doing, and it helps me. Writing every day helps, too.

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    • Your words are beautiful and reassuring. I have had a fabulous time these last two weeks and I am finally facing my life’s true purpose. I unfortunately needed the fireworks to realise that I should not let myself get to that point – it is a rare place for me and I am in no hurry to ever go back. I’ve had a break including a surprise a writing break and now I’m back! Welcome to my blog and thank you, I look forward to reading your work 🙂


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